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Irving Penn shooting Picasso

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Today it is twelve years since the master photographer Irving Penn passed away.

During 1967 and 1973 he took pictures of flowers for Vogue magazine. They ended up as this book. The same year he started to take pictures of flowers he met Pablo Picasso in Cannes and took a iconic portrait. The year before, in 1966, he made this faience pitcher in Vallauris where he collaborated with Suzanne and George Ramié. He met them during the 1940s and they collaborated until 1971 when he had a huge exhibition at the Louvre in Paris. As far as I know Irving Penn never took a picture of Stig Lindberg or Pia Törnell for that matter. But their vases are very much suitable for peonies, tulips, roses, orchids, poppies and more.


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