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Who we are


We are Brinktime Vintage Collections

Vintage Bruno Mathsson lounge chair close up

Brinktime Vintage Collections is a website owned by me, Erik Brink and my father, Johan Brink.

This shop and journey started with a vision of a vintage watch store, Brinktime Vintage Watches. I started to build one and got ready for launch pretty quick. However my father, Johan has been talking about starting a webshop for a long time. That’s because he want to sell some of his high quality, art, ceramics, photo books and other vintage stuff he has horded throughout his life. Since the combination of his interest and vintage watches fits perfectly we decided to do this together.

And here we are, Brinktime Vintage Collections.

We hope you'll enjoy our collection and that we can help you expand your own collection or find your first ceramic vase, rare photo book, piece of art, vintage watch or even grail watch. 

Why collect vintage watches?

Erik Brink, collector, digital communications manager and website editor

I have been collecting watches since 2013 and partly blame and thank my father for the collecting gene. As you might have guessed he is quite a collector as well.

I got my interest in watches when I was around 15-years old and got a fake - yes you got it right, fake - Breitling Navitimer Bentley. It was given to me by my uncle who had visited Thailand. I immediately thought it was cool and told myself that I need to own a nice watch like that when I get older. When I graduated, Daniel Wellington was a new watch to the market and I loved the sleek design of them. Obviously I wanted one and was lucky to get one from my parents. I loved it and wore it everyday until all of my friends had one.


With the DW on every young mans wrist I wanted find something that wasn't that mainstream among my crowd. I started my search for a watch on sites like eBay, Tradera and Blocket. After a while I found one. A non-legendary Omega Seamaster Quartz - after that I was hooked. As time went by I felt the need for more than one watch. After scrolling up and down on Instagram, reading forums and browsing like crazy, I found my grailwatch.


The Omega Speedmaster Professional. After a lot of searching one was offered for sale. That was my first, according to me, expensive watch and from thereon I would definitely consider myself a watchgeek.

In July 2016 I decided to create an Instagram account dedicated to my watches, @brinktime. I had already posted a lot of watch pictures on my private Instagram but thought it was time to give my precious pieces their own space. My mother came up with the name Brinktime and on the 2nd of July I posted my first picture. A pic of my Rolex Datejust 1603 with a great burgundy horween leather strap.


During late 2018 I decided to start working on a small website to show and write about my watches, and here we are. Apart from showing and writing about the watches I will also sell some of my high quality pieces and in the future hopefully some accessories as well.

Why art, ceramics, photobooks and everything else?

Three ceramic vases on a table

Johan Brink, collector, writer and lecturer

The first prize in a 5K-run was a vase, unglazed except for a blank orange glaze at the top. I was thirteen and maybe this was not what I expected as my prize for winning the race. The vase was made by Tilgmans Ceramics in Gothenburg and it´s still in my collection. Maybe this vase was the start for my interest in ceramics?

Erik Brink

Erik Brink

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Watchgeek and site administrator

Johan Brink

Johan Brink

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Photo book, art and ceramics nerd 

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