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Vintage ceramics, antiques and art store in Gothenburg

Brinktime Vintage Collections is now a part of Forum Göteborg.

Finally, things are going backwards. From an online store to a physical store.

On Saturday, September 30 we have our big opening for Forum Göteborg. More than two football fields with antiques, vintage, crafts, art, fashion, and good coffee. 1 500 square meters to be more precise. An eclectic mix as we usually say, or simply a nice mix where I fill 35 square meters with ceramics and some furniture and large walls with art and photography. But mainly ceramics from the 20th century. The largest assortment in Gothenburg, I dare to say. From the iconic names and factories to overlooked studios and forgotten names. A dream come true for me. Could it be a dream place to visit for you?

Just imagine seeing Scandinavian ceramic classics from Carl Harry Stålhane, Stig Lindberg, Lisa Larsson, Höganäs, Rörstrand and many others.

Undecorated room where Forum Gothenburg and Brinktime Vintage Collections will open

Gamlestadsvägen 2-4 is just ten minutes from Gothenburg Central Station by tram and a few minutes walk. Next door you find the restaurant Rollin´ Bistros Backyard and on the floor Fogarolli coffee. A beetter weekend excursion is hard to find.

Forum Göteborg is open on Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00 and 16:00.

Undecorated room where Forum Gothenburg will open


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