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The vintage watch collection


Here it is, the watch collection that belongs to Erik a.k.a. Brinktime. Browse a great collection of vintage watches from brands like Omega and Rolex. The collection will hopefully continue growing while we provide beautiful timepieces for you and your friends. If you are missing a particular piece or want to sell or trade your own watch for something in the shop, just let us know.


We are always looking for new additions and will happily read your emails and try to follow up on requests. At the moment we are mainly looking for watches in the same price range that can be found in the shop.


Since our watches are delivered head-only (if nothing else is mentioned), make sure you check out another site we like - Swiss Time Watches, who sell beautiful high-end straps.

Have fun browsing the collection and remember these watches are one of a kind, when they are sold - they are sold - Happy hunting!

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