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Mechanical watch service -
a collectors point of view


How often does a mechanical watch needs service?

How do I know if my watch needs a service?


The short answer would be either when the recommended years have passed. Often told to be every 5-7 years. Or simply when you notice that the timekeeping or functionality of your watch is starting to fail. However, make sure you don't wait too long as mechanical issues that aren't being dealt with can damage your watch if it keeps being used.

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Omega Seamaster vintage watch among leaves on wooden background
Rolex Explorer 1 on nato strap with steel bracelet and Rolex accessories next to it

5 signs telling you it's time to service or inspect your watch at a watchmaker


  1. 5 to 7 years have passed since the last service was done.

  2. Your watch starts to loose time and timekeeping is not as good as usual.

  3. There is moisture or condense inside the case, crystal or even on the dial.

  4. The watch has been dropped or exposed for a hard force of impact.

  5. You can hear or even feel that a part is either looser or tighter than usual.

What to think about when chosing watchmaker for a service?

When servicing your Omega, Rolex, Tudor, Seiko or any another favorite watch, you need to think about a couple of things. We have listed the steps of a watch service both from a collector’s and watch makers point of view below.

Vintage UG Polerouter Tuxedo dial
Omega Speedmaster with leather strap next to a cactus shot from above

The collector’s steps of a watch service

  1. Find a reputable watchmaker. You can visit either your AD, local watchmaker or send it to an online watchmaker like the one we use called, You might also be able to send it to the watch brand’s service center if they have one.

  2. Wait for a price quote and discuss what is included in the service.

  3. Get ready to be without your watch for at least a couple of weeks.

  4. Wait and long for your watch. While doing so, make sure to let one of your other pieces get some wrist-time or maybe source for a second piece if you are not at that stage in your collecting just yet.

  5. Go grab your watch to admire, wear and love it even more than before.

What’s usually included in a regular watch service?

The watchmaker’s steps of a watch service

  1. Discuss and let the client know what the estimated cost of service will be and what is included in the service.

  2. Complete disassembly of the watch and cleaning of all parts. Including the movement, bracelet and case.

  3. Replacing of faulty or damaged parts and new oil is applied. Parts might affect the service cost if a lot of parts needs replacing.

  4. Time regulation to keep time within specified deviation.

  5. Complete or light polishing of the case. Preferably after agreement between collector and watchmaker to avoid any misunderstanding.

  6. Some kind of warranty on the mechanical parts and timekeeping, as well as water resistance, if that is applicable. If you service your watch via our partner you’ll get two years warranty if doing a complete service.

Rolex Datejust 1603 vintage watch laying on Rolex passport holder

Urservice i Norr


Reach out to Ingemar Forsberg at Urservice i Norr if you need help with a service of your favourite watch.


You’ll find his contact details at or below. Make sure to use our partner discount code to get 15% of your service cost. Just say hi 👋 from us using the code “Brinktime” and you’ll save some when getting your watch serviced next time.


If you have any questions please contact either Urservice i Norr or us.


Discount code: Brinktime

Contact Urservice i Norr​


Trädgårdsgatan 13

931 31 Skellefteå





Phone number

+46 70 315 44 46

Ingemar at Urservice i Norr servicing a watch
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