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X-ray of Ilex cornuta (Chinese Holly)

X-ray of Ilex cornuta (Chinese Holly)


Fine Art print of X-ray Photograph of Ilex cornuta (Chinese Holly), originally made by Tor G. Nitzelius, a world well-known dendrologist, gardener and prefect at Gothenburg's botanical garden in collaboration with Lennart Nilsson, among others. Printed on a matte 210 gram Hahnemühle photopaper with archival resistant pigmented ink.


A relative of this shrub is increasingly prevalent in Sweden.


It is a dense, rounded wintergreen shrub originating from China. The first part of the name – Ilex – comes from the similarity to the evergreen oak (Quercus ilex) and the epithet cornuta means “horn” or “horn-shaped,” and refers to the points of the leaves.


The holly family is dioecious, which means they have separate male and female blossoms (and thus also berries) on different plants.


This kind of holly is not typically found in Sweden; however, we are seeing its relative, the Japanese holly, Ilex crenata, more and more often in Swedish gardens. It resembles boxwood and is an excellent replacement in the event of boxwood rust.

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