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X-ray of Acacia melanoxylon

X-ray of Acacia melanoxylon


Fine Art print of X-ray Photograph of Acacia melanoxylon, originally made by Tor G. Nitzelius, a world well-known dendrologist, gardener and prefect at Gothenburg's botanical garden in collaboration with Lennart Nilsson, among others. Printed on a matte 210 gram Hahnemühle photopaper with archival resistant pigmented ink.


Native to Australia, but may pop up world-wide in the form of dining tables.


Of the 1,200 varieties of acacia, over 700 are from Australia. This includes the blackwood, which originates from Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Acacias are characterized by their yellowish-white, puffy, round and fragrant blossoms. They also have phylloclades, which means the leaf stem has taken over the role of the leaf. This reduces evaporation via the leaf and allows the stem to handle photosynthesis.


The blackwood has pale yellow flowers and olive-green phylloclades, and grows upwards of 27 meters tall. It can withstand frost, but does not like dryness at all.


The blackwood is very popular for making furniture. So if you have a few old seeds lying around, you can start cultivating your interest in woodworking. Their hard shells keep the seeds viable for 30 years. You may have more success getting the seeds to grow by heating and soaking them before sowing them.Some varieties may also need to be exposed to fire in order to grow.But don’t do that in the living room.

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