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Wilhelm Kåge vase Gustavsberg

Wilhelm Kåge vase Gustavsberg


Do you recognize the shape? Indeed, it is the same shape found with a green glaze and usually with different kinds of silver decoration created by Kåge under the name Argenta. An artware series presented at the Stockholm exhibition in 1930. But as you can see here, it also came in a blue glaze, but also in red and brown. Wilhelm Kåge was artistic director at Gustavsberg between 1917 and 1949. He designed a variety of tableware, created artware series and unique pieces in stoneware. During the Second World War, Kåge, together with Stig Lindberg, established the Gustavsberg Studio, an aesthetic lab for art objects. 

  • Artist: Wilhelm Kåge

    Manufacture: Gustavsberg

    Signature: Stamped Gustavsberg, Hand thrown

    Height: 19 cm

    Condition. Good condition. No cracks or chips

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