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Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg unique

Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg unique


An artist for over forty years, exploring form and function, sometimes by himself, other times in collaboration with skilled turners, dedicated glaze masters and decor painters, always Signature: Signed Stig L and the G for Gustavsberg. The objects came in various shapes, different patterns and motif. He was concave and convex, monumental and minimalistic, serious (sometime) and humorous (often), he was a lot and he is a legend and very must have.

  • Artist: Stig Lindberg

    Manufacture: Gustavsberg Sweden

    Signature: Signed Stig L and the G for Gustavsberg and the studio hand. Unique.

    Height: 18 cm

    Condition: Very good condition. No cracks or chips.

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