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Stig Lindberg blue ceramic

Stig Lindberg blue ceramic


It is 1937 and people did not realize that the world would not be as before. Thanks to Swedens neutrality the production could go on in factories, so as at Gustavsberg and this particular year a young man with the name Stig Lindberg knocked on the door and promised that we could change the company. And he did, for over forty years he created the most amazing objects, by himself and together with his colleagues. That era was the golden age of ceramics. And this piece is a fantastic result of this era. When you hold it in your hands you will understand.

  • Artist: Stig Lindberg

    Manufacture: Gustavsberg Sweden

    Signature: Signed Stig L and the G for Gustavsberg and the studio hand. Unique.

    Height: 14 cm

    Condition: Very good condition. No cracks or chips.

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