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Lillemor Mannerheim black vase

Lillemor Mannerheim black vase


Educated in Stockholm and Paris between 1945 and 1952. Worked for Gefle Porslinsfabrik and Rörstrand. She designed animal figures, vases and bowls as well as furniture. She shared the studio with the great artist at the factory Arthur Percy but moved to Upsala Ekeby for working with Ingrid Atterberg and Anna-Lisa Thomson.


During her time in Paris her teacher Ossip Zadkine encourage her to find her own personal style and originality. The result is among other objects this amazing vase.

  • Artist: Lillemor Mannerheim 

    Manufacture: Gefle Porslinsfabrik 1955

    Signature: Stamped Factory name series Mangania

    Height: 19 cm

    Condition: Good condition. No cracks or chips.

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