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John Andersson - A&J Ceramics Höganäs

John Andersson - A&J Ceramics Höganäs


John Andersson was born in 1899, the same year as Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart (in other words a long time ago). He studied modeling for the legendary potter Albin Hamberg, famous for his Art Deco objects. And maybe inspired by Hamberg and other potters in the area started to make his own unique objects, some of them with his characteristic chestnut glaze. He died after a long career in 1969, the same year when Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon. And with a little imagination you could see the surface of the moon in the glaze.

  • Artist: John Andersson
    Manufacture: A&J Ceramics Höganäs
    Signed stamped : A&J Ceramics Höganäs
    Condition: Very good condition. No cracks or chips.

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