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Gunnar Nylund blue vase Rörstrand

Gunnar Nylund blue vase Rörstrand


There is a sticker on the bottom. It says Atrium, a legendary glass and porcelain shop in Gothenburg, known for its sensitivity. In retrospect, it seems obvious that this vase would end up on their shelves. Just look at the shape and the exquisite glaze. Gunnar Nylund made it together with his colleagues at Rörstrand sometime in the 1950s. Timeless, always modern, always an eye-catcher, with or without a flower. Creating it is delicate, choosing it is delicate.

  • Artist: Gunnar Nylund

    Manufacture: Rörstrand

    Signature: Signed Nylund Rörstrand. Probably unique

    Height: Width: 24.5 cm

    Condition: Good condition. No cracks or chips

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