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Gertrud Lönegren vase Rörstrand

Gertrud Lönegren vase Rörstrand


The name makes connoisseurs of ceramics breathe faster. She has been somewhat overshadowed by the old men Nylund, Lindberg, Friberg and Stålhane, but over time the understanding of her personal design and her work has grown stronger and stronger, There is a weight and stability, a security in her vases. They take over the room, catch the eye and soon, soon her name rings out loud and clear in the finest galleries and auction houses. She is there from time to time, but that is only the beginning. Before Gertrud came to Rörstrand, she took a trip to the less well-known S:t Erik’s Ceramic Factory. But if you add up the years, they are not many. Four plus five years. Consequently, you don't run into Gertrud's good stuff very often. But here is one such occasion.

  • Artist: Gertrud Lönegren

    Manufacture: Rörstrand


    Height: Width:

    Condition: Good condition. No cracks or chips

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