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Carl Harry Stålhane monumental vase

Carl Harry Stålhane monumental vase


Today collectors speaking about Carl Harry Stålhane with deep respect, and that is for more than one reason. Together with the outstanding master of glazes Kent Ericsson he made amazing stoneware for Rörstrands Porslinsfabrik. Yes he made tableware as well, but the stoneware, yes, yes, yes. Sometimes with smooth and delicate glazes, other times untamed and abstract forms and glazes. What ever suits you its world class. Like this monumental masterpiece.

  • Artist: Carl Harry Stålhane

    Manufacture: Rörstrand Sweden

    Signature: Signed on the base with full name which means that this is a unique object. Dated 57. R 57 CH Stålhane SWEDEN BG 187.

    Height: 32 cm

    Condition: A perfect example of form and surface. No cracks or chips.

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